Women Rectangle Rimless Glasses

Name: Tuesday
Model: h-1082
Color: silver
Weight: 15g
Gender: Men & Women

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Product Details

Name: Tuesday

Model: h-1082

Color: silver

Weight: 15g 

Gender: Men & Women 

Shape: Oval 

Frame price: $11.95

Freight: free shipping

Website: https://www.wherelight.com/wl/GetInfo-1584.html


● The rimless frame has OVAL shape, which could weaken the glasses concept on your face and bring more of your own eyes through rimless glasses.

● The soft nose pads are connected by a wrapped bridge, which is more fit, healthy and flexible to wear and adjust.

● Black classical lines of mental temples carved with special pattern. 

● Comes in hard clam shell case with cleaning cloth.

Knowledge about NV:

NV means near vision. This might represent the prescription of single vision lens, in case to improve the scenes nearby or read partial of bifocal lenses.

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