Kids Golden Cat Eye Frame Sunglasses

Name: Quincy
Model: 3495
Color: pink blue green
Weight: 25g
Gender: children

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Product Details

Name: Quincy

Model: 3495

Color: pink blue green 

Weight: 25g 

Gender: children 

Style: sunglasses

Frame price: $18.95

Freight: free shipping

Material: mix & match



Quincy is children prescription sunglasses with round shape. 

Quincy has full rims, which could help to protect the lens from damages.

It could be made into prescription sunglasses per customer request.

It features in hollow out with butterfly design

Welcome to choose it.

Sunglasses are extremely important for children, as their ocular lens would delivery more HEV light than adults. So it’s important to wear sunglasses for children.

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